Hurricane Ida Recovery
WEM Relief House

Our WEMsters in the destruction path of Hurricane Ida need our help!

And we are answering their call in the only way we know how: As sisters.


Sisters don't weather the storm alone, so we're huddling together to assist our business women throughout the disaster area recover, rebuild and re-strategize to finish 2021 and enter 2022 with gusto.

We're setting up shop in both our virtual WEM House AND a temporary Louisiana WEM House.


What We're Doing

The magic within our WEM sisterhood is our availability and accountability to each other. In our efforts to help business women recover from Hurricane Ida, we are providing in-person and virtual assistance.​

The WEM Relief House | Our Ida HQ

We are setting up shop in Louisiana to lend our physical hands to the cleanup and rebuild efforts. The House will serve as our headquarters and sleeping quarters, allowing our WEMsters from across the nation to take shifts (from two to 14 days at a time).

  • Shelter volunteers

  • Business cleanup

  • Business/Home rebuilds

  • In-person workshops

  • In-person strategy sessions

  • Hot meals


We're creating a special edition training series for women impacted by Hurricane Ida that is dedicated to a strategic rebuild. Includes sales, social media and strategic planning.


WEM has established a recovery fund for WEMsters in need of building assistance, product/equipment replacement. Women will also be matched with an expert.


WEM is providing expert counselors and understanding sisters to assist with emotional aftermath of Hurricane Ida. Mental health advice is only given by licensed professionals.

How You Can Help

More than 1 million people were affected and four dozen died as Hurricane Ida across ripped across six states. We're ready to use the force of bonded women on a mission to impact 5,000 business women.

Thank you for caring about the woman rebuilding her business. We thank you on her behalf! 

The Stuff We Need

  • Volunteers. If you’re able to come down in the next couple months to lend a hand in person, let us know here. Our target date to be ready to house you is Sept. 15.

  • Sponsors. If you are ready to partner or sponsor the WEM Relief House, email us here

  • Donations. Contribute to the WEM Relief Fund here


We are not currently accepting physical donations, as these traditionally muddy recovery efforts from FEMA and the American Red Cross.

Also, if you would like to remain informed on the WEM relief efforts, sign up here.

(If you do any of the above things, you’ll automatically be added to the list 😉)

Answers to More Questions

Where is the WEM Relief House?

The WEM team is currently scouting locations for the WEM Relief House. If you or anyone you know has a location for up to 10 business women to reside until at least Oct. 31, please text Drea (WEM community manager). 281.214.6981. We are open to any location in areas that need help along Ida's path.

How long will the physical location be open?

Our current plans are to remain on location through Oct. 31, 2021. However, our experience with disasters says the recovery will still be active at that time, so we are holding the option to remain open through the winter. This will depend on: how much help is still needed, our funding capacity and the number of business women still in need of our in-person advising, building and sisterhood.

What is WEM?

We are a women’s business sisterhood who have bonded over the shared journey of entrepreneurship. And our hearts (and now, hands) go out to our sisters who are facing yet another pivot and rebuild. With sisterhood built over five years (30, in business years) and existing programming, we are perfectly positioned to help these women physically, mentally and strategically. WEM stands for Women Entrepreneurs Mingle. It's a business sisterhood created by two biological sisters and one friend-sister in 2017. The goal then and now is to provide a welcoming sisterhood of women who share the journey of business. The meetup group has grown to include a unique virtual "WEM House," coaching services and even international members. We openly share feedback to help each other avoid pitfalls, test each others' products before anyone else notices a flaw, and support our wins and woes as a family.

Our in-person monthly Houston mingles expanded to virtual monthly meet-ups and international membership through the 2020 pandemic shutdowns. During this time is when our virtual 24/7 coworking "house" was born. Our signature events -- the annual Family Reunion (around February) and Family Feast (around the holidays) -- are now held at the virtual house and through city-specific mingles. WEM leadership is finishing our 5-year strategic plan, which includes more programming, advanced networking opportunities and an incubator (projected to break ground in winter 2022).

Who are you helping?

While we will lend hands whereever needed and offer virtual training for anyone, we are focused on the needs of business women throughout the distaster area of Ida, from Louisiana to New York.

What about the women who can't get to in-person services?

Oh, there's so much to be done virtually. WEM (and its founders) have developed and led virtual events and trainings since 2017 (before the pandemic), PLUS we have the virtual WEM House. Our WEMsters are ready to serve from anywhere across the globe! Preliminary plans include virtual workshops, virtual think tank sessions and virtual mingles.

Will you provide housing for displaced residents?

Unfortunately, we are not equipped to provide housing services. For help with housing, contact FEMA.