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The WEM House

Through our web-based oasis for women, we are strategically aligning the growing demand of virtual spaces with the need for a sustainable women-led community.

Research shows entrepreneurs are twice as likely to suffer from depression, as a result of isolation. Since the Great Resignation started, nearly 2000 new businesses are created everyday by women. Six million of them work remotely, cut off from peers and trusted resources.

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Co-Work with Sisters

As a business owner, there's a new question or decision just about every hour of the day. WEM Sisters match knowledge and resources while working at The WEM House. In between, we take calls and work independently. 


Meeting Space

WEM Sisters meet with their teams and clients in style with our Private TV Room, where an administrator locks the door behind you.

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Special Events

We have held everything from a baby shower to a talent show to a conference at The WEM House. Every event is tailored to the culture of the business and the features of an in-person experience.


Take a break at The WEM House

WEM Sisters know how to balance a hardworking day with a bit of fun and casual conversation. Sometimes, it's in the middle with a dance cardio video. Other times, it's an evening "cocktail" by "The Pool."

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