How Bonds (& bosses) Are Made

The heart of WEM is our sisterhood. Built from our founders' real-life sisterhood, the culture throughout WEM encourages honest feedback and a helping hand.

  • Sisterly advice

  • Ideas exchange

  • Unconditional support

  • Acceptance for exactly who you are!

WEM Sisters:

  • Help you pick out your outfit (i.e. your brand or project),

  • Tell you when your shirt isn't so flattering (a.k.a. your flyer had a typo),

  • Help you find your partner (ahem, like clients), and

  • Remind you to always wear your boss hat.

In plain terms, WEM sisters are giving in advice, love and shoulders.

  • Feedback

  • Resources

  • Lessons learned (the hard way)

  • Product testing

  • Market research

  • Connections

  • Friendship

  • Understanding

We are a diverse, down-to-earth group of women who honestly aim to help each other grow personally and in business. We are each other's sounding boards and shoulders to lean on.

** Any woman-identifying business owner is a WEM Sister! Just join the original Facebook group ;)

Join the WEM membership to mingle:

  • With WEM sisters; 

  • With your WEM Founders; and

  • With business experts from across the globe!

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