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What do The Sisters Talk about?

At The WEM Sisterhood, we teach each other how to build, grow and maintain sturdy business lives. The peer-to-peer coaching is mostly organic. Some tools, tips and advice are part of the unofficial WEM curriculum that has been passed down from sister to sister over the past 5 years. But the core of conversation is an exchange of expertise and trusted resources between the women.

  • We encourage the Sisters to openly share information from and about lessons-learned, professional training and official business programs, with our core values as their guides. 

  • We’re a family, so topics fluctuate from business to our lives surrounding that business. 

  • We believe everyone is an expert at SOMETHING, and encourage Sisters to speak on their expert areas. We also discourage over-embellishments to keep down on faulty information.

The conversations at The WEM House surround:

  • Strategic plans

  • Navigating relationships

  • Building sustainable teams

  • Systems (both manual and automated)

Co-founders Cris and Rae specialize in Communications and Operations, respectively, and share the following exercises with the sisters from their individual businesses: 

  • Virtual position hiring tools

  • Leadership training

  • Mindset workbooks

  • Marketing tools

  • Social media planning tools

  • Media relations tools

  • Strategic planning training

  • Strategic operations training

  • How to decide on your first business idea

  • How to find the kink in your current business flow

  • How to prepare to quit your job

Together, The Wright Sisters developed InnaFoundation, a series of workshops and exercises that will soon become the central WEM curriculum. It develops the core skills of a true CEO that builds and maintains a sturdy business life:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Business Planning

  • Marketing Planning

  • Brand Development

  • Team Development

** Any woman-identifying business owner is a WEM Sister. Especially, if they work remotely! Just join the original Facebook group ;)

Join the WEM membership to mingle:

  • With WEM sisters; 

  • With your WEM Founders; and

  • With business experts from across the globe!

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