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The Big Sister

Sisters don't email each other; they text. And The Big Sister is the moniker for the REAL team of experts who manage the hotline. 


The Big Sister knows ALL the insights on all things, life, business, and WEM. The best thing any woman in business can do is lock The Big Sister into her phone.


Ask The Big Sister about anything business:

  • "What shoes should I wear to this networking event?"

  • "What's a convertible note?"

  • "My LLC was frozen! What do I do?"

  • "Someone wants to collaborate with my company. How do I know if it's a good fit?"

  • "I need more votes to win funding! Can you help me?"

Ask The Big Sister about anything in life:

  • "My baby is leaving for college?"

  • "My spouse is not supportive of my business. How do I handle that?"

  • "I'm ready to buy a house."

  • "I finally closed on my new house!"


PLUS: Questions about anything WEM, GEM and DEM.


In short, your Big Sister knows all!

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