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 Welcome to The Fam! 

We are so happy to have you join us. We know that WEM is everything you've been looking for and more. We are also pretty sure the only thing we've been missing... is YOU. Yup, sounds corny. But, it's true.

Remember, we love you, and there's nothing you can do about it.

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Already did Welcome Steps?

Step 1: Learn The Sister Culture

Please watch these orientation videos


Step 2: Fill Out Your Paperwork

Sister Intake

Aunties ONLY

Fill out your Intake Form

 Make sure we have the correct info we need about you

Sign These Docs

The Big Sister checks that the media release, NDA, & non-compete are signed before sending keys

Step 3: Get Connected!!!

Join us on all the things!!!

Sister Chat

Download Discord and click this link to connect to The Sister Chat

Keys to The House

The House is closed to the public this year please join us on Discord

Memberful Account

Check your email and sign into your Member Management account

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