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Build your business & share the journey with a gaggle of Sisters!
*with the WEM membership*

Entrepreneurship can be isolating, draining and the biggest challenge of your life. OR it can be a journey with Sisters to lean on :)

If you're ready for the latter, join the WEM membership for accountability, comradery and collaboration.

24/7 Access to
The WEM House

A cozy, 24/7 virtual co-working space for you and your team to meet, mingle and make moves.

Exclusive Sister Group Chat

Join the conversation among Sisters, sharing wins, woes and accountability challenges.

Regular Sister Mingles

Join all official WEM mingles, held every Monday of the month, and make new friends.


The full WEM membership experience promotes collaborative problem solving.

Join The Sisterhood!

Boost your WEM Sisterhood with access to the safe spaces built solely for women-identifying business owners who have a strong business sense, a sense direction and also... no good sense :)

Want info about private office space?  Email Us

The WEM Community


Come as you are!

​Surround yourself with Sisters who will mention your name in a room of opportunities!

  • Grow relationships

  • Share wins & woes

  • Get feedback from Sisters​

  • Give feedback to Sisters

  • Share resources and tips

  • Join in on exclusive events

  • Grow together

Become a WEMster

Level Up

Fuel the fire with Sisters & Aunties


  • Must Join Free Channel

    • Get to acquainted with The Fam​

  • Successfully completed a vetted program (Email us to check yours)

  • Have a working (meaning doesn't have to be solid) 3-5yr business plan (no matter the length or style)

    • Or know Exit strategy

Become a WEM Expert

WEM Aunties

By application ONLY

To get notified, email us and ask to be put on the to be the first to hear when it's open. All of our Sisters are experts in something. But, not all are successful. These experts are the vetted with proven track record and a fire to reach back and bring as many people as they can.

Need info about private office space?  Email Us


Are you here for a Brotherhood?

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