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The journey is never lonely with sisters!

(Who We Are)

The WEM Sisterhood takes on the business journey as a tight-knit family of bosses!

  • When there's no one else there to care, we do.

  • Before you waste thousands on scams, we catch you.

  • While you're writing your first RFP response, we're circling you (true story).

  • When you're crowdfunding for the first time (ahem), we show up!

There are more than 6 million business women working remotely. We provide a virtual home for them to turn to, from the comfort of your own home. ​The WEM House is where we make connections, to each other and the strategies for business growth.

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You no longer have to:

  • Wade through endless search results for the answers to business growth.

  • Force yourself to go to that in-person event for connections.

  • Waste thousands on scam business coaches.

  • Take uncertain steps without crucial information.

  • Keep doing it alone!


At WEM, we know that business women are actually women who own businesses. We forbid a dress code, pretense or pressure.

Instead, we use that energy to transparently exchange honest feedback and collaboratively sandbox solutions.

  • Peer-to-peer coaching

  • Expert discussions

  • Networking opportunities

  • Accountability challenges

  • Shoulders to lean on

  • Mental health discussions

  • Sisters to grow with!

WEM makes it easy to get to know your business sisters through:

Voices of our WEM sisters

 Tracey R. 

 Vrajhi K. 

 Cathena B. 

​​Remember, WEM is a sisterhood of women who happen to own businesses. Yes, we want our businesses to thrive. But, The Wright Sisters have found that our businesses thrive most when we are able lean on our sisters in the good, bad and amazingly monumental times. Together, we strategize, laugh, cry and celebrate. 


See you at The House!

Where Bonds Are Made

Modern House

The center of The WEM Sisterhood has become The (virtual) WEM House, a web-based 24/7 virtual co-working space. “The WEM House” is a cozy, safe space for women-identifying entrepreneurs to transparently exchange honest feedback and collaboratively sandbox solutions – for both personal and professional challenges. 

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