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The journey is never lonely with sisters!

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(WEM Membership)

We have grown into a tight-knit family of sisters (who happen to own businesses). It's time we take it to the next level with a way for us to mingle between meetups. 

With our new membership, we now have a way to mingle:

  • With each other; 

  • With our teams and clients;

  • With your WEM Founders; and

  • With business experts from across the globe!


Your WEM Squad membership includes:

Access to

The WEM House

A new 24/7 virtual co-working facility for you and your team to meet, mingle and make moves.

Coaching from WEM Founders

1 hour each month to unpack your business conundrums with your WEM Founders.

Exclusive Community

Between mingling and coaching with your Founders, lean on your community.

Advice from WEM Aunties

Our WEM Aunties (experts) drop by The House to help you thrive in life and business.

​​Remember, WEM is a sisterhood of women who happen to own businesses. Yes, we want our businesses to thrive. But, The Wright Sisters have found that our business thrives most when we are able lean on their sister in the good, bad and amazingly monumental times. Together, we strategize, laugh, cry and celebrate. 


See you in The House!



The WEM House is a new 24/7 virtual co-working facility for you to:

  • Bring your clients for meetings;

  • Meet with your team;

  • Co-work with others in the background (but not talking over each other);

  • Get expert advice from your WEM founders; and,

  • Gain access to business experts from across the world!

Modern House

As a WEM Squad member, you have a bucket of time (1 hour) that can be used in one session or spread among a few (as long as you use the time by the end of your month). 

Meet your Founders (and coaches):

We'll meet at The House for your coaching sessions.

WEM Aunties also will be dropping by The House to give their best advice for advancing your personal and business lives. 


"Aunties" are experts the Founders and administrators have met during their business journey and/or have leaned on for advice.


You'll never know when an Auntie will drop by, so stay in the know via our specialized SM texting. 



Business isn't lonely, draining and frustrating when you have family journeying with you.


In 2017, The Wright Sisters began W.E.M. (Women Entrepreneurs Mingle) -- pushed largely by Rae Burrell, who aimed to find friends -- as a  Facebook meetup group. Her biological big sister, Christina M. Wright, and new-sister Nina Pop Williams joined (albeit, reluctantly at first), and they soon realized the massive need for a business sisterhood.

The Founders drew on their own affinity for sisterhood and community to grow a synergy among business women in the group.


WEMsters help you pick out your outfit (i.e. your brand or project), tell you when your shirt isn't so flattering (a.k.a. your flyer had a typo), help you find your partner (ahem, like clients), and remind you to always wear your boss hat.

In plain terms, WEMsters are giving in advice, love and shoulders.

  • Feedback

  • Resources

  • Lessons learned (the hard way)

  • Product testing

  • Market research

  • Connections

  • Friendship

  • Understanding

We are a diverse, down-to-earth group of women who honestly aim to help each other grow personally and in business. We are each other's sounding boards and shoulders to lean on.

** Anyone is a WEMster! Just join the original Facebook group ;)



Your sister doesn't email you when they want to tell you something exciting... They text you! And that's how we communicate.


Be in the know for all the W.E.M. fun!

  • WEM Aunties (experts) chats

  • WEM Meetup

  • WEM Fun

Text "hey girl hey" to 281.214.6981.