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Business isn't lonely, draining and frustrating when you have family journeying with you.


In 2017, The Wright Sisters began WEM (Women Entrepreneurs Mingle) -- pushed largely by Rae Wright-Burrell, who aimed to find friends -- as a  Facebook meetup group. Her biological big sister, Cris M. Wright joined, and they soon realized the massive need for a business sisterhood.

The Founders drew on their own affinity for sisterhood and community to grow a synergy among business women that influences honest feedback and collaborative sandboxing (for professional and personal challenges).

WEM Sisters help you pick out your outfit (i.e. your brand or project), tell you when your shirt isn't so flattering (a.k.a. your flyer had a typo), help you find your partner (ahem, like clients), and remind you to always wear your boss hat.

More About The Sisterhood

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WEM was founded by The Wright Sisters.

Rae Wright-Burrell, a virtual Chief Operating Officer, owns Rae of Light Concepts.

Cris Wright, a Communications strategist, owns WrightNow Results.

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